canon camera connect windows 10

I’m gonna show you how you can easily canon camera connect windows 10 over Wi-Fi. So you can transfer photos and also remotely control your camera. let’s connect your camera to your computer over Wi-Fi.

Connecting your Canon so2 to your computer is actually pretty easy over Wi-Fi, but you just need to know exactly how to do it. So to start off with what we’re going to do is.

hit menu >> then we can go to the third option at the very top here which is the spanner, then we’re going to go all the way down to wireless communication settings.

let’s get that now then we’re going to go to Wi-Fi settings, and then we’re going to turn on Wi-Fi. so it’s currently disabled. let’s hit enable ok from here we’re going to choose a nickname the current nickname is EOS camera connect windows 10 wifi

now is jump back to menu and go to a Wi-Fi function and we have a number of different options which we can connect with Wi-Fi. but today what we’re going to do we’re not going to be using a smart phone, we’re going to be connecting it with the remote control using the EOS utility app on your computer. canon camera connect windows 10 wifi EOS

So this is one we’re going to connect, we can register your device for connection, and what this is going to do is, give us an SSID and a password. now the SSID is essentially the Wi-Fi network that we’re going to join on our computer and the password. canon camera connect windows 10 wifi steps

We’re going to do now is, jump to my computer and we’ll work from there. ok so I’m on my computer now and what we’re going to do is, go to our Wi-Fi settings >> we’re going to look for something that looks like canon SL. so we’ve got one right here that says EOSSL2 so let’s join that. You might have to enter a password in. Now what it says is enter the EOS utility app so to get the EOS utility app. canon camera connect windows 10 wifi settings

Install canon EOS utility without cd

I’m going to show you how to get the canon EOS / PowerShot / IXUS camera window to your computer if you lost your disk, or you just did not have the disk. What this would do, is allow you to take your camera, and connect it to your laptop or your computer to control the whole camera from your computer. Is really great i love doing it, but i ended up losing my disk and i had to find out how to install way. So here’s what to do this :
  1. You come over to cannon here for EOS, that way you can search for your camera. I have EOS SL2 for this tutorial.
  2. Now how do we got it downloaded first thing we’re going to have to do is come to file explorer make sure you got eu290en.exe
  3. Go to search cortana, and type regedit >> hit enter >>Hkey_local_machines >> software >> Canon. If you do not have a candidate folder you have to create it by add new key in software root. I have a Canon folder because I have a Canon printer so i, open up Canon >> right-click >> go to new key >> EOS UTILITY >>hit enter. Now from there only go ahead and close this camera connect windows 10 utility
4. We’re going to install the canon utility software, select your country >> click okay yes it is this long. canon eos utilities
5. Restart windows 10
6. Now that we got the software installed, it’s time to go ahead and test it. Make sure that it works. So what we’re going to do now is once your cameras in the on position go ahead and click on the EOS utilities. There it’s up to you which one you pick. I use it for the remote shooting so I’m going to go ahead and click camera connect windows 10 download eos
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