Change Save Location for Game DVR on windows 10 pc

How to Change Save Location for Game DVR on windows 10 PC ? Enjoying game DVR in windows 10 allows us to easily and quickly capture our best moments whenever we are playing our games. it can be done by taking screenshot and recording clips. Then, those two priding things will be able to be shared to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. However, default game DVR will only save your screenshot and clips in the Capture folder which is in Videos at your account. Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not provide any option which can set your files to change the default location. But, for gamers, you may have a problem that your system drives fill up fast, especially for you who run Windows 10 on SSD (Solid State Drive) which has limit capacity. Then, you will get a problem when your space is running out. To make it solved, you have to change and move your captures and clips folder to other location. Then, how to make it done? Here the steps.

Steps you must follow

These are some steps you must follow to change save location for game DVR on my PC.

  1. Open the File Explorer
  2. Continued by clicking on This PC.
  3. Type to browse these path:
    C:\Users\%username%\videosChange Save Location for Game DVR
  4. Then, click on the right side of Captures folder
  5. Select Properties.
  6. Click the tab of Location.capture folder location windows 10
  7. Then you will see Move button, so just click it.
  8. Browse the new location that you want to store your captures in.
  9. Click New Folder on your top left corner.
  10. Make your folder captures named, then press Enter.
  11. Selecting your new folder that has just been created and click Select Folder.
  12. It is continued by clicking Apply, followed by Yes, then click OK.

Quite easy, is not it? So just follow the steps correctly, and you can change save location for game DVR on my windows 10 PC.

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