This The Simple Way to Check Windows 10 Version

I will show you the way to check windows 10 version. The new platform of windows is windows 10 this is also has a new version. New Windows 10 has many differences with the platform before for example windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7 and windows XP. Perhaps, some of users feel confused to operate the Windows 10 because of the differences. Because of the differences of windows 10, the place of program also different. It is also the place of version of windows 10. People feel confused when he or her want to check about it.


When the user wants to install a new program on Windows 10, it is important to know the version and build number of windows 10. Once incompatible software or programs such as, drivers, are install incorrectly, serious system problems will bother you every day such as, Hid-compliant mouse not working, 100% disk usage, ghost touch screen, and etc.

If you as user are not sure whether your OS (Operating System) has been updated to the latest one, like Windows 10 Anniversary (version 1607), in this post I will show you with a reference of how to check Windows version 10 and also the build number.

The Methods to Check Windows 10 version and build number

You can use this simple method below:

1. Use the Shortcut Keys to Check Basic Windows 10 Information

This method may not show you the exact build number and version of Windows 10, but it is not useless, because you can check all the basic Windows 10 information in one step only:
You just Press the Windows shortcut keys “Win + PauseBreak”.Check Windows Version 10 shortcut

By using this method you can open the System window of the Control Panel, from this you can view the basic information about your computer, such as Windows edition and the System type. But you cannot find the build number by using this method.

2. Check Windows 10 Version in the Settings

It is the one of easiest way to find out the information in windows 10.
First, launch Start or use the shortcut keys Win + I to open the Settings.
Then, select the first setting System.
After that, scroll down to choose About tab from the left column. And now you can see Windows 10 version, build number, system type, etc.

3. Check Windows 10 Version and Build Number in Run Bar.

The steps are:
First, use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to launch the Run.
Then, type “winver” into the dialog box.
And then, hit the key Enter.

This will show up the About Windows, from this you are able to check the Windows 10 version and build number edition, but you cannot see the system type of windows 10. Now you have three methods to check Windows 10 version and build number. Maybe you need more some methods in the internet that you want to know but I only give you these three simple methods. Thanks for reading.

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