The Most Powerful Cleaner For Windows 10 Free You Must Have

Cleaner For Windows 10 FreeCleaner for Windows 10 Free is really important and must have item for windows users. You must be annoyed when Windows 10 you are filled with unnecessary files. Dozens of annoying applications when you turn on the computer and other garbage that slow down the system will definitely make your computer or laptop messy and lag bad. It’s very disturbing if this happens when it matters. Fortunately, there are a number of free apps that can help clean your Windows.

There are 10 computer cleaning software, ram cleaner, hard drive cleaner, registry cleaner and junk files on your computer, these ten free applications are the most common application or the most widely used and has proven its ability to serve as your primary weapon to clean up your computer that slows down to make PC performance again prime or fast.

The Most Used Cleaner For Windows 10 Free

1. Disk CleanUp
One of the first applications you can try to use to control a cluttered Windows PC is the Windows Disk Cleanup application. This app is included directly into the operating system and is free for you to use at any time. In Windows 10, just click Start Menu and start typing “Disk” to run the application. Choose a drive that you think is full of garbage. Usually garbage is buried inside drive C. Select and let Disk Cleanup work.

After the scan, Disk Cleanup will tell you all the types of files you can safely remove from the system, including cache for Edge browser, files in the Recycle Bin, temporary files left over from apps or app installs, and thumbnail files you may not need more. With this Cleaner for Windows 10 Free you can also click on “Clean up system files” to check the rest of Windows-installed apps that may be spending space on your hard disk.

2. AdwCleaner
Toolbars, spyware, and other types of malware can make your PC messy. Although you’ve been diligent cleaning your computer or laptop, but maybe you often do not realize when there is an application that asks for the installation abruptly. Many users unknowingly install malware in their computers or laptops. In effect, the app will lead to ads on the site is not clear, or even force to buy something.

Just to be on the lookout for this malware, you can easily scan malware. One of the best apps in this problem is AdwCleaner. In addition to free, this application is very light and does not require a lot of memory on your computer or laptop.

3. Steam Cleaner
This one is special for you, a gamer. You may not know if online game stores like Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GoG leave some garbage on your hard drive even after you’ve unplugged the finished game. Although this app is called “Steam Cleaner,” this app performs excellent scans through every standard service installation folder and identifies the remaining files from previous games that you can safely delete. With some simple scans, you can save a few gigabytes of space. (For regular apps or not games, consider using a program such as Revo Uninstaller to make sure that all traces of the program are cleared cleanly from the computer as Cleaner for Windows 10 Free.

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