How to Backup Text Messages on Windows 10 mobile

The Quickest Way of How to Backup Text Messages on Windows 10 mobile You Can Do by Yourself

How to backup text messages on Windows 10 mobile like SMS feature that is still one important feature that is often used by users of Windows Mobile 10 to communicate. Send SMS is now easier. Buddy who often linger in front of the PC, no need to worry to look for a smartphone just to send SMS. Buddy can now send SMS directly via PC, if PC and smartphone pal installed Cortana in it. Of course, this requires a connected internet connection on your PC and smartphone pal, and sufficient credit.

How to backup text messages on Windows 10 mobile using the features inside Windows
In Windows 10 Mobile it has a SMS message backup feature that can be used by users. This backup feature can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Open the Messaging app
  2. Then tap the pivot (…) button and select Settings
  3. In ‘Sync messages between devices’ move to ON

This SMS backup feature will automatically be integrated with the Backup feature in Settings – Update & Security. So, users should also enable this Backup feature. This way in how to backup text messages on Windows 10 mobile feature itself through the cloud, so the user must also activate the internet. Well, to do the restore via the way of this cloud itself, there is no way other than hard reset because restore data will be requested when the user when finished hard reset and enter the Microsoft account.

Users can also choose messages to be restored whether all messages are there, or in the last month or last year only. The trick is in Settings Messaging earlier, then tap dialog box under Download messages from. Backup and restore SMS in Windows 10 Mobile is actually also can be done by utilizing the microSD feature. Or you can also back up sms using apps. Applications that we will use is SMS Backup & Restore made Carbonite which I think personally easy but has a complete feature. In addition to backup, the application also features transfer and storage support via the cloud.

How to backup text messages on Windows 10 mobile Using Apps

First download the Backup & Restore app from Carbonite from here. In the main menu, tap the Backup menu. The app automatically offers backups for calls and short messages. But you can still make adjustments, remove unnecessary parts or add. If it feels right, tap Backup Now. Wait for the backup process takes place, usually only a few seconds depending on the amount of data backed up.Backup Text Messages on Windows 10 mobile

Next, you can find both backup files above in the memory directory with the Backup folder and usually in XML format. The files you can move, copy or multiply to other memory or to the cloud. That way, you can do restore anytime and anywhere. But if the file stays in memory, and someday you want to do a restore, you can find tools in the same application. Simply run the app and tap Restore menu.

So easy, isn’t it? You can set up regular backup schedules, connections used by going into Auto Backup Settings. As for the more in-depth settings, you can go to Advanced Settings. Here we can find How to backup text messages on Windows 10 mobile, backup settings, restore settings, notifications, and much more. Good luck.

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