lorex secure app install windows 10

Lorex secure app is only available on Android and IOS device. But if you want run it on windows 10 device, you must install android emulator such as Bluestaks to run android app on windows. The installation is easy, like awesome.  lorex security app for windows 10 install

  1. Run the bluestacks
  2. Open the playstore.
  3. Search : Lorex app
  4. Install itlorex security app for windows 10 download

let’s explore the lorex secure app on windows 10 pc. So you can get familiar with its features. In order to get the most out of your lorax security system. If you need help setting up your Lorex system, please refer to this post.

After you log in, you will see your cameras listed on your home screen. The camera list, gives you access to all the cameras in your account and allows you to name them for easy recognition. You can even create groups for easier organization by selecting multiple cameras and naming the group accordingly.lorex security app for windows 10

Tap on a camera in your camera list to start streaming live video, to get a closer look at the video turn your smartphone or tablet to landscape mode.lorex security app windows 10

Then pinch outward to zoom in, inward to zoom out, and drag to move. When you’re done zooming, turn your device back to portrait mode to resume normal viewinglorex security app windows 10 operation

If you don’t want the camera to record, you can turn privacy mode on or off by tapping the on-off icon. tap on the Settings icon to set automatic recordings based on motion or change other settings for the individual camera.lorex security app for windows 10 privacy mode

If you want to review the last 30 seconds of video, tap the quick playback icon, tap the enhance resolution icon to start streaming in HD. You can even take a quick snapshot and share photos in an instant.

Now let’s take a look at video history. Tap on history to see previous recordings or order rapid recap videos. Tap the calendar icon to view your timeline, showing the history of recordings in week, day, hour, or minute increments.

Next to that you’ll see the Rapid Recap button. Lorex Rapid Recap saves you time reviewing videos by condensing hours of events into a short video clip with easy-to-follow timestamps.

When you create a Rapid Recap the app will send you a push notification when it’s ready for viewing. You can then watch or even share your Rapid Recap via text message, email, or Facebook. This is just the beginning the lorex secure app has tons of features that help you get the most out of your lower ex security system

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