Setup and Use Proxy server in Windows 10

Secure Your Windows Immediately With Proxy server in Windows 10

Security is something that exists to protect your favorite items such as Proxy server in Windows 10. It is useful to protect your windows. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the word, a proxy must be wondering. What is the proxy and what are its functions for in Windows? Well, this proxy is useful as a protector for the operating system when browsing the internet. Because …

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How to Use and Download Termux for Windows 10

Termux for windows 10 is an application that has an independent system with no root or special settings needed. The base system can be installed automatically and there is also an additional data package using the APT manager. Termux is also one of the compatible applications to be installed on Android or Windows 10. If you are interested in programming languages ​​or IT-related devices, then it’s better to use this application.

How to download Termux for Windows 10

Actually the …

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kobo desktop windows 10

kobo desktop for windows 10

Kobo Desktop windows 10 Publisher’s Description

The Kobo Desktop App windows 10 enables you to scan, build a digital library and buy eBooks on your laptop or portable computer. All you have got to try to do is transfer the desktop application and install it on your laptop – we tend to support each Windows and Macintosh operative systems. Once you’ve got put in the applying, you’ll buy eBooks through the desktop Store.


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Printer In Error State Windows 10 : How to Deal

Printer in error state windows 10 becomes the most common problem many Windows 10 users experience. This problem will lead to another problem since printer is one of the necessary accessories for PC. Sometimes, if you get trouble you just suddenly to check to the service center. However, it’s not always a good idea. You can do it by yourself actually. It will save your money as well as you learn to fix your PC.

Tips to Deal with Printer

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system file checker windows 10 : Fixing Corrupted File

The Way to Fixing Corrupted File Using System file checker windows 10 Scanning

System file checker windows 10 are really advantageous for your PC because it will help you to detect the problems. When you have some issues regarding to your PC system, this will be the guide for you to fix the issues. This file, eleven just a small system file but it will work really great for your apps, drivers and also your Windows update. However, sometimes the …

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How to Fix Windows 10 Unable To Install Update

Windows 10 Update Unable To Install, as it is known that one of the best ways to easily download and install the latest version of Windows 10 is to use the Windows update option on the computer. But you need to know that sometimes some users must find an error message that does not allow Windows to update with the latest version.

There are several errors that appear and this will be different between one computer and another. For …

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[solved] This App Is Preventing Shutdown Windows 10

This App Is Preventing Shutdown Windows 10 is encounter messages often when you close the Windows 10 on your computer. There are various ways you can do to avoid the message “This Application Prevents Closure” automatically on the computer. You need to know that if you always find the message every time you turn off the system on the computer, it must be fixed immediately.

One way you can do not receive this “Application Prevent Closure” message again is by …

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fix tiworker.exe windows modules installer worker high cpu windows 10

Most Windows 10 users will already feel that tiworker.exe Windows modules installer worker is one of the features on a computer that has a large percentage of your high CPU usage. But you don’t need to be confused with the problem because there are several things you can do to fix it.

As is known that the Windows 10 Module Installer Worker or often known as Tiworker.Exe is one of the Windows 10 update services that serves to find new …

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How to Fix Antimalware Service Executable High Usage Windows 10

Anti malware Service Executable is a process used by Windows Defender to provide Windows protection in real time for every threat that arises. Most Windows 10 users complain that the application spends a lot of storage space on a computer or PC. Some people try to report the problem and try to fix it.

How to Fix Antimalware Service Executable High Usage Windows 10

You need to know that Anti malware Service Executable has the function to scan malware and …

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thumbnail not showing in windows 10

Here are two reasons why thumbnail not showing in windows 10 :

1. Check performance option :

  • type : “sysdm.cpl” on your cortana or search near windows logo at left bottom corner of screen that will show “system properties” option
  • go to “advanced”
  • check “show thumbnail instead icons”
  • click OK and then applythumbnail not showing in windows 10

2. check file explorer option

  • Open the File Explorer.
  • Click View tab option.
  • Click Options >> change folder and search option to open “folder option”.
  • Click on
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