sonos app for windows 10

All happening in that Sonos app on your windows 10 computer doesn’t matter if you’re on a windows 10 or the PC the same thing the link to download the application if you don’t already have it is here. sonos app for windows 10

Now we go in sonos controller windows 10 and it preference you want to have a music library  and click the plus.sonos app for windows 10 2

  • Now we have to choose, is it in my music folder maybe please don’t pick that choice most of the time you have music or audio track in music folder that you don’t want to be in your son of library because it’s not really funny to listen.
  • Pick in another location on my computer or an external hard drive connected to my computer.
  • If your music is on the network device such as a network attached storage (NAS) drive

Take that second option it next and now you have to browse where your music is click browse and I don’t know where the music is on your computer, now you have to find it. Now I pick that one so I’m going my hard drive so like the folder

Now I want that music folder inside music folder, so I hit that one double click it this folder. Hit next order your sound system to play music from this computer file sharing things need to be adjusted. To do this you first need to enter the administration name and password for this computer. Click the lock logos and enter your username and password of your windows 10 account on your computer, if you don’t have a password on your computer just type username and leave blank password and click enter. sonos controller download windows 10

Now that music folder is now set up in Sonos. That’s great now, if you have that pop up this is probably because your file sharing is not enable on your computer.sonos controller download windows 10 pc If you are in a Windows 10 : search on cortana “manage advanced sharing settings” sonos controller download windows 10 pc laptop
You activate that file sharing that should solve your problem. sonos controller download windows 10 pc laptop settingsThe folder is now known from Sonos what you want to do.

Next is go in Advance and say update content every day at like 2:00 a.m. do it into the night don’t slow up your network while you awake to where you’re probably sleeping go big the hour. sonos controller download windows 10 pc setting

Now here is our music library. If your music is well organized you can find your music into artists but mine is not well organized too you can find it into every songs so here the music is or you either can find it into those folders and that’s the one we just had sonos app for windows 10 3

Enjoy use sonos app for windows 10 pc.

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