Windows Mobile Device Center Doesn’t Support Windows 10

Windows Mobile Device Center’s Method to Support Windows 10Windows mobile device center Windows 10 update caused some problems of connection why it can’t work. In newer Windows version especially Windows 10 (Creators Update) OS Build 15063, the WMDC doesn’t support it. So that, it isn’t capable to work well. But, there are some ways to do to make it work. Here you go!

Windows Mobile Device Center’s Method to Support Windows 10

To ensure that WMDC works on Windows 10, you need to download some utilities and run one of them to get connectivity and running easily. The windows mobile device center Windows 10 method:

  • WMDC-Helper.exe
    After installing Windows Mobile Device Center, you have to enable the required .NET Framework 3.5 (under Turn Windows features on or off and by applying the predecessor dotNetFx35setup.exe installer from Microsoft). You can run either the 64-bit drvupdate-amd64.exe or drvupdate-x86.exe installer for the choice.
  • When WMDC shows up on your PC’s desktop after installing, running the Windows Powershell as an adminstrator is needed. It will use the next registry commands and after that a Restart will be shown.You are obligated to do this procedure after installing.
  1. Click on “Start”
  2. After that, click on “Computer Management”
  3. Select Services & Applications and choose “Services”
  4. After selecting, click on “Windows Mobile-2003-based device connectivity” and select “Properties” – “Log on”.
  5. Switch “Local System account” and check “Allow service to interact with desktop”
  6. After all, click “OK”

And this procedure is on the handheld:

  • Tap on Start, and then click “Settings”
  • Select “Connections”
  • Click USB to PC icon
  • Uncheck the “Enable Advanced Network Functionality”
  • Click “OK” and connect the cable

You have to know that ActiveSync on the handheld works but WMDC won’t ever perform connected. On the other hand, you’re still able to open File Explorer to search contents or devices to transfer files on your PC. Windows mobile device center Windows 10 is not compatible so that it is suggested to be uninstalled.

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